Dress up day


Your children looked amazing today. Thank you for all your hard work helping/making/organising  the costumes. They were great fun and we had a lovely day green screening ourselves, sketching and making party hats. Keep watching for more photos.  Hope to see you Thursday. 

Art Exhibition!

Year 4 have been thinking about what Merton Park means to them, and we have decided to do a piece of art, linked to this, using silhouettes and watercolours.

Below are some examples – but you will see all of the finished designs at our art exhibition next Thursday!

Memories of Merton Park

I have heard from quite a few people who went to Merton Park in the past and they have been sharing their memories – some of them are fascinating.

Today a lovely lady called Doris visited the school – she is 98 years old and went to Merton Park Primary when it first opened.  She even remembers it being built!  A group of children met with her today and asked her some questions – we recorded the interview so you will be able to watch it in your classrooms.

I shall be sharing some of the memories with you on this blog – so keep reading.

Mrs Gooderick

V&A and Science Museum

Year 3 and 4 went on a trip today and looked at how fashion and technology had changed in the last 90 years.

We had the chance to visit the jewellery section in the V&A and I saw amazing tiaras that I would love to own! You can see one below 🙂

We also saw some shoes that we thought Mrs Hastings might like.

It was really interesting to see how some things have changed and how others have not.

Some of the outfits we saw in the fashion section looked as if they could have been designed today but were designed 50 years ago. However, some were so different that it was easy to recognise in which decade that they were designed.

Can anybody think of things that have or haven’t changed in the last 90 years?

Whole School Poetry Book

Our whole school poetry book has been started! This evening I have added the first two chapters belonging to two of our brilliant poets in Year 6. Over the next couple of weeks, and as you finish perfecting your poetry, I will be adding more and more chapters to our book until it is full of wonderful school themed poetry. It is going to be such a fantastic read. If you are super lucky I might put a little sneak preview of some of the poems onto the blog for you to enjoy. Keep checking!

Also…we need to create a front cover for the masterpiece. You can upload photos for this.

Any ideas?